Genealogy Site Contest

County Clerks is an incredible resource for genealogists looking for physical documents for their family records search.  The site was put up to make it easier to access county data, as there are no other complete resources of county clerk contact information anywhere else on the web. Sure, you can Google the county clerk in question, however, this isn’t always the easiest task as many are unlisted or do not have their own websites. Instead of banging your head against the wall over and over trying to find county clerk contact info – we made it easier… And now for the contest you’ve all been waiting for :-)


Help County-county clerks decide who has the best genealogy site on the web! The entry with the most votes (entry in 1st position) by September 30, 12:00AM EST will be rewarded a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Second place (site in 2nd position) a $25 Amazon Gift Card.


See a site missing? Send us an email at w/ subject= “add site for contest” and Adam will make sure that if you meet the criteria, we add you to the list for the contest!




  1. You CAN vote for more than one site at a time. Help your friends out!
  2. You CAN share this page and have people vote on it. Your best bets for sharing are linking to this site from your website, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Votes must take place via NOT on
  4. You CANNOT vote for your own site more than once a day.
  5. Any presumed cheating will be disqualified. Let’s make this a fair game :-)

The websites referred to in this post are great. They are the reason that this site was originally built- to help others with their genealogy and family research efforts. The list is in no particular order of importance, so I hope you take a look at all of them and give them the credit that they deserve!

The criteria for this list is as follows:

  1. Category: Genealogy site/blog
  2. Quality Content: Will this site help others on their own family history quest?
  3. Updated Regularly: Do you enjoy visiting sites that have been left to die? I, personally, do not.


Let’s get started…

PLEASE READ: Just because a site has “thumbs down” does not mean it is a bad site. Every site listed on this contest is a great site and a valuable resource. This is why I put it on the list. “Thumbs Down” is just how you can vote a site down the list so that your favorite site can possibly pop up.  A site with multiple thumbs down is not a bad site. I reiterate, they are all good sites: this is why they were listed. Thumbs Down is an unfriendly tactic, however it is allowed for this contest. Going to try and find better software if we run another contest that does not involve “thumbs down”.

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